WARNING: This game contains levels referencing to other pieces of media that may be disturbing for some audiences.

hello hello welcome to Polychromasia!
to sum it up, this was a speed-making challenge that took 2-3 weeks :)
and took one more month to make an extra extension...
Levels: 201
(100 positives, 100 negatives, 1 secret bonus)

click here to begin!

if you've never played a riddle game before, please play some other riddle games
before giving a try on this one. if you can't find any other examples here are a list of some

also many level ideas came from random weeklies and the riddle game ZED.

Hall of Fame - Positive Levels
Hall of Fame - Negative Levels

If you need help, you can reach out to other users with the official Discord server or Nordinho thread.

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polychromasia my beloved